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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/12/2015

Tia and Toby

Tia and Toby are perfect for each other.
She's intelligent and pretty. He's intelligent and handsome.
Now they're moving in together.
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• 2/19/2015

Why can't the telepaths on this show be more like X-Men's telepaths?

Mind-reading is cool and all. But it's only the most basic aspect of telepathy, if not, it'd have simply been named "mind reading".
So why couldn't the main character develop powerful abilities like attacking someone mentally or mind control? I think it'd have been great character development as his abilities progress and evolve. All while he meets others like him.
The concept of the show is cool and all, and everything I've been looking for since I love this power. Especially since The Mentalist wasn't even about an actual telepath, and I really liked Matt Parkman from Heroes.
But X-Men's telepaths will always be the best portrayal. I just wish people would stop limiting telepathy to just mind-reading and let it shine.
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• 8/6/2014

Season 5 Will Be The Final Season

With season 5 reaching it's final episodes, fan are probably wondering whether or not The Listener was going to be renewed or not. CTV has announced that Season 5 will indeed be the final season of The Listener and it's season finale will be the series finale.
The series promises to close up Toby's family past. Read CTV's post for more detials.
As for me guys, it has been an honor to be your admin and updating the wikia whenever I can. I will still keep an eye on the wikia once the show has concluded.
So are you sad to see The Listener end? What is your opinion on it?
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• 7/29/2014

Season 5 Discussion

So how are all of you liking season 5 of The Listener? What was your favorite moments? What do you think needs some improvement? What do you want to see happen this season?
I thought it was interesting to bring Brian Becker back into the fold to stir up some trouble for Toby. Also they are finally touching on Toby's past.
What was your favorite and least favorite episode so far?
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• 5/23/2014

Season 5 Has A Premiere Date

Season 5 of The Listener finally has a premiere date for Monday 26, 2014 on CTV. The show will air at 9pm. Season 5 looks promising with the return of Brian Becker and the investigation once again looking into Toby's past and his mother.
As for a trailer, I haven't found one yet on youtube, but soon as I find it it will be on the front page. As for Season 5 its, all we have is a season summary and a title (The Wrong Man) with its summary. I will update the wikia as things go along. If you find anything, feel free to post it here. Thanks.
Who is ready for season 5?
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• 2/17/2014


Episode 13 season 2 : quel est le peintre des tableaux dans la gallerie ? merci.
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• 1/18/2014

Brian Becker aka Charlie Marks' boss returns in SEASON 5!

Wow! This is cool news! It's not like I loved the character, but, he's from SEASON 1. Guess this means they realized the show had the first season. And it's gonna be interesting...
"Anthony Lemke appeared in the first season of “The Listener” as Detective Sergeant Brian Becker, a career-driven supervisor who was suspicious of Toby and his assistance on police cases that always seemed to have lucky breaks. Following the death of a police officer at the end of the season, Toby and Becker did not part on good terms."
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• 8/24/2013

Stephen McHattie

didnt Stephen McHattie star as Arthur Stebbes in season 1 ep 10 and again as bill Wardwell in season 4 ep 9? was that a mistake bringing back same actor ?
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• 6/20/2013

What car does oz drive in season 3

can anyone tell me what kind of car Oz drives in season 3
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• 6/4/2013

Olivia learns of Toby's gift

What episode does Olivia learn about Toby's gifts?
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• 5/18/2013

Season 4

I'm really starting to hope and believe that this season is gonna be more interesting because, I saw the video where writers were talking about it and how Toby is gonna take risks and also, this Nicholla is gonna be interesting for sure, but I hope he's younger ;). I wonder about his girlfriend 2. She's the only person he can't read, maybe she's a mind reader 2 or its just because he's in love with her. I love her dimples(which I totally have 2 btw ;)) but, I would like to get some clossure about Tobys past. I mean, he's ignored it and not mentioned for 2 seasons. I wonder...How much longer are they gonna ignore it?
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• 3/12/2013

Message from a Wikia contributor

I love the character Alvin Klein, the actor is so sexy. He is the main reason I watch the show really
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• 2/10/2013

Canada's Capital

Fyi when I went to school Ottawa was Canada's capital and Toronto was Ontario's capital. Just saying.....
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• 1/23/2013

Will continue a family history of Toby? Why missing mentor Toby, a professor of psychology?

Will continue a family history of Toby? Why missing mentor Toby, a professor of psychology?
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• 1/17/2013

Tia's character on the listener

I don't see how she fits in the story. Her character is kind of annoying too. Why can't there be a hotter and prettier love interest for our man Toby?
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