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Alvin Klein
Alvin season 5.jpg
Season 2, 3, 4, 5
Occupation Former IIB Chief
First Appearance Lady in the Lake
Last Appearance The Wrong Man
Affiliation IIB
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Status Alive
Actor Peter Stebbings

Alvin Klein is the chief of the IIB. He oversees all the cases, including Michelle and Dev's as well.

Season 2[]

InLady in the Lake, when Michelle brings in Lynn, Alvin checks on Michelle's progress, and Michelle informs him she is getting no where due to Lynn's memory loss. Then Alvin notices the paramedics in the lobby and Michelle tells him they were with Lynn when they got her. Later on he tells Michelle to either charge Lynn or set her free.

Season 3[]

Michelle approaches Alvin to help out with a bank robbery where Toby is taken hostage. Alvin begins to wonder whats special about Toby, and demands to know so he can help. Michelle tells him that Toby can read minds. Alvin doesn't think shes serious, but realizes that Michelle is telling the truth. So Alvin helps out and does what he can in the situation. After the robbery, Alvin forms a special task force with Dev, Michelle and Toby to deal with special cases.

In Cold Case Blues, when a body of an old college emerges, Alvin jumps on the case and relies on Toby's abilities to heavily.

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

At the end of the first episode, his character was told that he was transferred to Paris. It was the next episode that shows that his job was replaced by Charlie Marks' old boss, Brian Becker.