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Dev Clark
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Season 2, 3, 4, 5
Occupation IIB
First Appearance Lady in the Lake
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Affiliation IIB

Michelle McCluskey (partner)
Alvin Klein (boss)

Appeared In All episodes as of Season 2
Status Alive
Actor Rainbow Sun Francks

Dev Clark is a former Hacker working for the IIB. He works with Michelle on cases.


In his earlier days, Dev was a known hacker and hacked into the ministry of defense when he was 16. He was soon caught offered the choice of going to jail or working for the government. Dev choose the latter. He eventually met Michelle and they began working on cases together. Due to his skill set, Michelle requested promotions for Dev.

Season 2[]

In Lady in the Lake, Dev is working with Michelle, searching for Lynn Kendal in her hotel room, which was empty. In Lynn's room, Dev finds a connection to the ferries. After going to the ferry place, Dev combs through the footage for any sign of Lynn and finds her. When Michelle gets a call about Lynn, Dev helps her make the arrest. At the office one of the paramedics, asks Dev what IIB stands for and Dev tells him. When Lynn reveals who her attempted killer is, Dev tried to find him via facial recognition, but gets no hits. During the stakeout, Dev notices Toby showing up and alerts Michelle, and after, like Michelle, Dev is curious about how Toby knew things.

In In His Sights, Dev pulls a prank on Toby as Toby is about to sign on as a confidential informant. He tricks Toby in thinking he didn't get in, but congratulates him for joining the team. In Jericho, Dev helps Michelle catch suspect Bennie by tracking the ip address and pychically chasing him down. Dev has a soft spot for Bennie and wants to help him.

Season 3[]

He and Michelle are working a case when they get word on the bank robbery that Toby is being held hostage in. They rush over to the bank and talk to Oz on whats happening. Dev reassures Michelle that Toby will be fine due to his gift.

Season 4[]

In Blast from the Past, Dev stays behind in the Toronto IIB headquarters while Toby and Michelle head to Vancouver. He works with fellow IIB officer Kathy Slocum to track down the clues for the case.

Season 5[]

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