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Double Date....With Death is an exclusive CTV webseries based on the series The Listener. It will tie in with season 4. The webseries will have 13 episodes and will be on around 10pm EST. Premiered May 29th 2013.


Oz  and Sandy work with local reporter Missy to uncover the secret behind a “Jane Doe’s” death and the mysterious key she left behind. All clues lead to a deadly virus outbreak set to take place at a high-stakes ping pong competition.

Main Characters[]


Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
DoubleDate Ep1.jpg Episode One Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 05/29/13 1
Oz is working in the ER when Toby brings in a mysterious patient.
DoubleDate Ep2.jpg Episode Two Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 06/05/13 2
Oz and Sandy discuss the death of Jane Doe and the key.
DoubleDate Ep3.jpg Episode Three Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 06/12/13 3
Oz and Sandy begin their investigation and Missy brings them some news.
DoubleDate Ep4.jpg Episode Four Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 06/19/13 4
The Killer corners the heroes to get the key Jane Doe left them.
DoubleDate Ep5.jpg Episode Five Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 06/26/13 5
Oz, Sandy and Missy discover the identity of the mystery man hunting them.
DoubleDate Ep6.jpg Episode Six Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 07/10/13 6
Sandy goes undercover to find Oz and Missy.
DoubleDate Ep7.jpg Episode Seven Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 07/17/13 7
Oz, Sandy and Missy go visit Toby for help on their investigation.
DoubleDate Ep8.jpg Episode Eight Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 07/24/13 8
Missy and Sandy look for the locker that the key goes to.
DoubleDate Ep9.jpg Episode Nine Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 07/31/13 9
While Oz deals with the stress of the operation, Sandy and Missy put together the pieces of what is happening.
DoubleDate Ep10.jpg Episode Ten Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 08/07/13 10
Sandy, Missy, and Oz make plans on how to get into the tournament to stop the attack.
DoubleDate Ep11.jpg Episode Eleven Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 08/14/13 11
Oz enters the ping pong tournament, while Sandy and Missy search for the biological agent.
DoubleDate Ep12.jpg Episode Twelve Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 08/21/13 12
Oz enters the tournament in hopes of winning the trophy and saving the world.
DoubleDate Ep13.jpg Episode Thirteen Lara Azzopardi Cal Coons 08/28/13 13
With Oz out of the game, the team's plan falls apart.


  • This is the second The Listener web series
  • Mills' character will appear in The Listener (The Blue Line) later on after episode 2 of the webseries airs.
  • Similar to the previous webseries, Double Date....With Death has a sillier tone to it than The Listener, but a slighlty higher budget than Switch.
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