Elizabeth Simmonds
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Season 2
Appearance Reckoning
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Status Deceased
Actor Alex Paxton-Beesley
Elizabeth Simmonds was a telepath who used her abilties for revenge.


Her real name is Emily Madeleine. She is a Telepath that inputs thoughts into others.

Her family was killed in a gruesome home invasion. She had a gunshot wound to the head. Was in a coma for seven months, didn't speak for a year, and then one day, makes a miraculous recovery.

Season 2Edit

After first meeting with Toby, they kissed and later seem to have sex. She then told Toby her family was murdered by biker members. She was later killed by the last biker member that killed her family as he was the only one who was not guilty of what he had done. Liz inputs the memory telling him to 'finish it' and he shot her. Toby and Michelle witnessed this- Toby tried saving Liz while Michelle then captures the 'real' criminal who started it all.

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