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Frank Cardea
Season 1
Appearance My Sister's Keeper

The Journey

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Status Alive
Actor Gordon Pinsert

Frank Cardea is the man who was trying to help Toby and his mother escape from the people who were after them. It was him who brought Toby to Ray Mercer when he was a child.


In the penultimate episode of season 1, Frank was brought to the hospital by Toby and Oz. He is diagnosed with Alzheimer. Toby soon discovers that he and the mysterious man are connected and that he knows his mother. They spend some time trying to find out what exactly happened to him and Toby's mother, Maya. At first, Frank doesn't seem to recognize either Ray or Victor Cloonie, with whom he shares history but later on he remembers and tries to protect Toby from Cloonie, who is determined to find Toby. When Cloonie tries to take Toby with him by force Frank kills him.