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George Ryder
George Ryder.jpg
Season 1, 2, 3
Occupation Paramedic Supervisor
First Appearance I'm an Adult Now
Last Appearance The Shooting
Affiliation St. Judes Hospital
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Status Alive
Actor Arnold Pinnock

George Ryder is the head of the Paramedic department at St. Jude's hospital. He is Toby and Oz's boss. George is married and has a couple of kids. He also has a ferret.


Ryder tends to run a tight shift with the paramedics, and tends to rag on Oz a bit. He also has some anger mangement issues which caused him to have issues with his wife.

Season 1[]

George appears before Toby and Oz about Oz applying for overtime while saving Anna. George deinies Oz his request and rips up the form. George thinks about being grumpy for missing wrestling, and then Toby mentions he recorded the match and will rip it onto rip for George. This cheers George up and he thanks Toby.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

In The Taking, he is working in his office when Oz approached him about a promotion.

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