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IIB, short for Integrated Investigation Bureau, is a fictional special unit of the RCMP located in Toronto. They specialize in cases the police don't take. Cases like companies dealing under the table, weapons dealers, intelligence leaks, etc. The IIB made its first apearance in Lady in the Lake.

The building itself houses floors of offices, with the centeral IIB force on one floor. It also has an interrogation room with a one way mirror so people can look on.

In Season 3, a special team was created by Alvin Klein, to solve the cases that were thought impossible. In Blast from the Past, it is revealed there is an IIB headquaters in Vancouver.

InSeason 5, Alvin Klein steps down as the leader of the team, and Brian Becker is appointed.


In Now You See Him, Magnus managed to sneak into the IIB building and hide out in the server room for a bit. From there he hacked into Dev's firewall in order to gain information on Gregory Harrow.

In False ID, Alvin Klein is temporarily removed from the case and Nichola Martell steps in as the leader, forcing the team to follow the proper channels. Eventually, Klien is given back his postion.

Known Employees[]


  • Season 2, Toby was working for IIB as annomyous intel, but was forced to quit due to headache attributed to his ability. He later rejoined in Season 3 as a full time consultant.