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The Listener
Season 2, Episode 3
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Air date February 22, 2011
Written by Wil Zmak
Directed by Charles Biname
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In His Sights is the third episode of Season 2 of The Listener.


As a new confidential informant for the IIB, Toby investigates an assassination threat against a Conservative leadership front-runner who may have been involved in the mysterious disappearance of an army private in Afghanistan.


After passing a polygraph examination, Toby becomes a confidential informant with the IIB. Michelle presents him with his first assignment: Investigating potential threats against a front running candidate at the Conservative leadership convention. While Toby and Oz are treating minor injuries at the convention centre, Toby "hears" a threatening voice in the crowd but is unable to pinpoint its origin. IIB steps up their presence and when Toby "listens" again, he spots a mysterious figure with a rifle. He searches, but finds no one. As Toby and McCluskey continue to investigate, they discover the high-ranking military colonel running for the Conservative leadership may have been previously responsible for the disappearance of an army private under his command in Afghanistan. Toby and McCluskey race against time to reveal the mysterious gunman's identity and thwart an assassination attempt...




  • Sandy Wardwell
  • Gordon Lagree
  • Colonel Spires
  • Corrinne Rommilly
  • Robert Ventone
  • Scott Flynn
  • Jackson Flynn

Featured Music[]

"Breaking Out" by Hollowick


  • Oz: How is this undercover exactly?
    Toby: Nobody knows I'm working with the cops.
    Oz: Nobody knows we're working with the cops.
    Toby: I'm working with the cops, you're not getting sucked in on this.
    Oz: Oh, so you get to be Jason Bourne and I'm Johnny Lame Job? Thanks a lot, Senor buzz-kill.
    Toby: All right look, first of all, you gotta pick, am I Bourne or am I buzz-kill?
    Oz: You could be both.

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