Season 3
Appearance Curtain Call
Affiliation J.C
Status Alive
Actor Fefe Dobson
Jade is a singer who's life was threatened. In result, Toby was sent to protect her.


Before she became famous, Jade was an ordinary girl with dreams of becoming a singer. She wrote songs with her friend Samantha and soon joined a band. There she was discovered by J.C and soon broke out into main stream music. J.C. soon drove a wedge between her and Samantha. When Samantha committed suicide, Jade felt guilty about it.

Season 3Edit

During her rehearsal, her assistant was killed by the mic that was meant for her. Jade attempted to reach him but was stopped by J.C in fear for her safety.


  • Jade is played by real life musician Fefe Dobson.
  • Jade's singles, "You Killed Me" & "I'm Gonna Dance" was specially written for The Listener.