The Listener
Season 2, Episode 9
Listener 209
Air date April 15, 2011
Written by Lisa Steele
Directed by Farhad Mann
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Jericho is the ninth episode of season 2 of The Listener.


Toby goes undercover to help expose the identity of a hacker known as "Jericho-11" in a cyber crime investigation involving large-scale identity theft.


A break in a six-month cyber crime investigation leads Michelle and Dev to pursue a reckless hacker, Bennie. When Michelle and Dev question him, Toby "listens" and reads someone in Bennie's mind known as "Jericho-11." Surveillance on Bennie leads Michelle and Dev to a female blogger known as "Hack Grrrl." To avoid tipping her off to an investigation, Michelle and Dev send Toby in undercover to meet her. A telepathic read of "Hack Grrrl" leads them to Peter Duquette (Aaron Ashmore), a cyber security expert. With millions of social insurance numbers potentially at risk of identity theft, Klein and Michelle alert Kenneth Niles (Michael Dyson), a Revenue Canada security consultant. When Peter's name is mentioned in connection to "Jericho-11," Niles reveals Peter is a paid consultant to the agency...

To be continued.....




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"Without a Trace (Featured Adaline)" by Revise


  • Alvin Klein: We have a problem.
    Michelle: Only one?

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Alexz Johnson- The Listener- "Jericho"

Alexz Johnson- The Listener- "Jericho"