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Jillian Sisley
Jillian Sisley.jpg
Season 4
Appearance Fatal Vision
Affiliation St. Luke's Hospital
Status Alive
Actor Gabrielle Miller

Dr. Jillian Sisley is a surgeon at St. Luke's Hospital.


She appears when Toby is brought in after he has been shot. Jillian tells Michelle that Toby is being prepped for surgery and gives Toby something to knock him out. Later on, Toby discovers that her son has been kidnapped to force Jillian to kill a french judge during surgery. As Jillian gets ready, Toby comes up to her and talks to her. Knowing she can't say anything, she pushes him aside and keeps working. Then Oz comes in with a new toxicology report and when she looks inside she see that the IIB is working to get her son back, but she has to stall. She manages to stall for a bit and later hears her son is safe.