The Listener
Season 3, Episode 10
Listener 310
Air date August 22, 2012
Written by Peter Mohan
Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski
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Lockdown is the tenth episode of season 3 of The Listener.


Toby and the IIB race to track the source of a deadly virus before the outbreak claims any more lives.


At the hospital, Toby and Olivia share a romantic interlude before he has to leave for the IIB. Moments after his departure, Oz rushes in with a critically ill patient. Two other men stagger in with similar symptoms, bleeding from the nose and eyes and ranting about someone trying to kill them. Sandy jumps in to assist with the triage. When one of the men goes into spasms, they lose him. Stunned by the bizarre event, Olivia immediately orders the hospital be locked down. A decontamination unit is assembled as Dr. Julian Hennessey from public health, and Dr. Marette, a biomed scientist, confer with Olivia, confirming it seems like an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever. She immediately calls Toby to alert him of the situation and possible symptoms in case he was infected. Michelle and Dev pursue intel on the dead man to see if they can help track patient zero. In which case they got the antidote but were too late to save Olivia from dying.




  • Sandy Wardwell
  • Dev Clark
  • Dr. Julian Hennessey
  • Tyler Ross
  • Dr. Lori Marette
  • Kelly
  • Lisa
  • Karl Stiles
  • Joanne Friese
  • Hiram Wright
  • Hannah
  • Graham
  • Maisy

Featured Music Edit

"Say Goodbye (I Won't Even)" by Adaline



  • Peter Stebbings did not appear in this episode