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Magnus Elphrenson
Magnus Elphrenson.jpg
Season 2, 3
Occupation Inmate
First Appearance The Magician
Last Appearance Now You See Him
Affiliation Michelle McCluskey (Arresting Officer)
Appeared In 2 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Peter Outerbridge

Magnus Elphrenson is a criminal mastermind.


Elphrenson was an academic with two advanced degrees who used his genius intellect to steal about fifty million dollars. He was caught some years ago by a rookie Michelle McCluskey, who was able to analyse his writings and match them to academic papers he had written.

Elphrenson's thoughts were so fast due to his great intelligence that Toby was unable to read his mind normally. He could only get quick flashes of bright lights.

He described it as "sitting beside a highway trying to listen to a conversation in a moving car"

He and Michelle were later on able to get Magnus to slow down his thoughts by asking him specific questions to focus his mind on what they wanted.

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