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Season 1, 5
Occupation Unknown
First Appearance I'm an Adult Now (flashback)
Last Appearance In Our Midst
Affiliation Toby Logan (Son)
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Status Alive
Actor Lara Jean Chorostecki (Season 1)
Kim Huffman (Season 5)

Maya is the mother of Toby Logan. It is unknown what her last name is due her being constantly being seen in flashbacks.


It is unknown if she was married or not, or whose's Toby's father was. She and her sons were constantly in danger due to their gifts. So she was constantly on the run. Maya was eventually found and ran with Toby, but only after her youngest was taken from her. Maya jumped into a river with Toby and was never seen again. Toby survived and was taken to Ray Mercer. Maya continued to live in hiding.

When she realized that Toby might be in danger, she sends Frank Cardea to find Toby and help him. So she sees Frank off on the bus. Later on, she realizes that she might not be safe and heads to Toronto but is run off the road.

Season 5[]

In Our Midst, after she hears that her son's girlfriend is looking for her, she shows up at Toby's house and spends time with him.


Season 1[]

Season 5[]