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Season 1, 2, 3,4, 5
Occupation Paramedic (Season 1-3)

Head of St. Luke's Hospital Emergency Department (Season 4)
Owner of Pasazade (Season 5)

First Appearance I'm an Adult Now
Last Appearance -
Affiliation Toby Logan (friend)

Sandy Wardwell (ex-girlfriend)

Appeared In 26 Episodes+
Status Alive
Actor Ennis Esmer

Osman "Oz" Bey is a paramedic and a friend of Toby Logan.


Oz is talkative and tends to make a lot of jokes. He often uses his sense of humour to comfort patients in distress. He likes to flirt with women but sometimes overestimates their interest in him.

He is an excellent paramedic who cares about his patients, but is often frustrated by the low pay. Compared to Toby, he is more willing to sacrifice his morals to make money.

However, he is more cautious than Toby, and worries when Toby is in trouble. He disapproves of Toby's impulsiveness and tendency to chase after danger.

Oz is intelligent, and suspected that Toby had a secret early on. When Toby told him about his telepathy, he took it well and protected the secret.

Over time, Oz gains confidence in himself, and confronts his overbearing supervisor George Ryder. This growth allowed him to qualify as a paramedic supervisor and become a hospital administrator.

Oz's parents owned an authentic Turkish restaurant. Like Toby, he is a good cook and loves food, although he doesn't eat healthfully or exercise until he realizes the effect it is having on his body.

Season 1

Oz meets Toby at the dinner before work. They talk about Toby's on/off girlfriend Olivia and about their job as paramedics. Oz is driving with Toby talking about work, when Toby begins to get an intense headache. Worried for Toby, Oz pulls over and soon discovers there is a car flipped over on the road. Oz and Toby rush to help the woman, and Oz freezes. At the hospital Oz applies for overtime for having Anna, but Ryder comes in and deinies it. Later on Oz wants to talk about what happened in the car and Toby tells Oz that he was assessing the situation. When going to get Anna, Oz decides to go get coffee.

Season 2

Oz and Toby are running one big chess match game using Toby's abilities.

Season 3

On the job one day, Oz and Toby make a stop and while Toby goes into the bank, Oz gets a hot dog. When Toby takes too long, Oz investigates and eventually figures out there is a bank robbery going on. Oz soon calls the police and then Michelle for help.

Season 4

Season 5

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