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The gang eating at Oz's place.

Pasazade is a gastropub that Oz took over as of Season 5. Oz soon takes leave from the hospital to take over the pub full time.

Toby and Tia spend a lot of time at the Pasazade.


In The Lockup, Oz reveals with Sandy to Toby and Tia that he brought into the place. After his break up with Sandy he spends most of his time at the Pasazade and eventually decides to take leave from the hospital and look after the place full time.

In Game Over, Oz decides to use his place to bounce back into the dating world. In Man in the Mirror, Tia offers to get a food critic to review Oz's restaurant and Oz gets excited. She doesn't tell Oz though that she is actually the food critic.In White Whale, Oz tries to do a poll for mayoral candidates by creating coloured food for each person.

In The Fugitive, Buddy Carlyle, a man who live above the Pasazade is shot and killed right after having breakfast with his daugther, Emma Carlyle. Oz finds out that Buddy actually owned the building and was his landlord. Buddy also had buried his treasure behind the dartboard. Buddy's daugther Emma, inherts the building and becomes the landlord.

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