The Listener
Season 3, Episode 7
Listener 307
Air date July 18, 2012
Written by Derek Schreyer
Directed by Cal Coons
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Now You See Him
Poisoned Minds is the seventh episode of Season 3 of The Listener.


Toby and Michelle investigate the death of a pharmaceutical executive who released a drug with killer results.


At the hospital, Oz and Elyse are immersed in their new flirtation game, as Toby arrives to meet Oz to go watch hockey. Oz quietly admits to Toby that he's ready to move on, and possibly with Elyse, when Sandy surprises him. She's back early from Africa and can't wait to catch up. At a swanky dinner, a small group of pharmaceutical executives are celebrating a record-breaking year while outside irate protesters assemble. CEO Jeffrey Brandt (Judah Katz) toasts their success, but the self-congratulatory speech is hijacked by Harold Kalb (Dion Johnstone) - a protester disguised as a waiter. Kalb disrupts the proceedings in a rage. As Brandt calls for security, he suddenly collapses followed in succession by other guests. With Brandt now dead, and five others very ill, Toby, Michelle and Klein discover additional casualties...




Featured Music Edit

"Possibly Impossible" by Krief


  • Toby: Leafs game tonight at Freddies?
    Oz: Yeah, playing the Penguins?
    Toby: Two days.
    Oz: OK.
    Toby: Bruins tonight.
    Oz: Ugh, Bruins! I'll be crying into my beer by the second period.
    Toby: No crying. We own them tonight.
  • Alvin Klein: (discussing Thomas Vallance) Well, he hid the results of the Jannex trials, he was at war with Brandt, he was sleeping with the guy's wife. How much more do we need?
    Toby: Proof.
    Alvin Klein: (laughs) Who brought him in here?
    Michelle: You did.


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