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Ray Mercer
Ray Mercer.jpg
Season 1
Occupation Psychiatrist
First Appearance I'm an Adult Now
Last Appearance The Journey
Affiliation Toby Logan
Appeared In 7 Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Colm Feore

Ray Mercer is a friend of Toby Logan and as well as the psychiatrist that helped Toby with his abilities.


When Toby was young, he was brought to Ray by Frank. Knowing Toby's abilities, Ray attempted to help Toby control his abilities. It took a couple of years, but Toby eventually gained control and Ray gave Toby to a foster family.

Season 1[]

Toby visits Ray after getting a strong vision from a woman he saved from an exploding car. During the season Toby visits Ray and he often asks him for advise conserning his telephatic abilities.

In The Journey, Victor Cloonie broke in his office and the only files that were taken were Toby's. In those files everything about Toby and how his gift was being controlled was written.


Season 1[]