The Listener
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date August 31, 2011
Written by Jason Sherman
Directed by Kari Skogland
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Eye of the Storm
The Bank Job
Reckoning is the thriteen and season finale of season 2 of The Listener.


Toby connects with a gifted young woman whose mental powers appear to rival or even surpass his own, and may be connected to a series of suspicious suicides linked to an old biker gang.


Toby and Oz are dispatched to a used car lot where a salesman, Claude (Jay Ould), is suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. This attempted suicide plus two more recent suicide victims are all linked to a defunct biker gang known as the Demon Saints, whose former leader, Luke Cassel (Steve Bacic), is one of the country's highest paid contract killers. Cassel tells Michelle that he had warned Claude that someone had been killing off the former gang members. When another member is killed in an apparent suicide, surveillance footage catches the same woman from the used car lot, Liz (Alex Paxton-Beesley), in the vicinity. Michelle and Dev agree to detain Liz after questioning, but Michelle oddly releases her. Unable to explain her actions, Michelle tells Toby that Liz may have gotten "inside her head." When Toby follows Liz she manages to get him in her thrall...

To be Continued....





  • Olivia: Stop me if I'm out of line...
    Toby: Mhmm.
    Olivia: ...but I think the reason you push yourself so hard all the time is because you're trying to fill a void.
    Toby: A relationship.
    Olivia: Getting into people's heads is no substitute for actually letting them get close to you.

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