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The Listener
Season The Toby Logan Files, Episode 2
Loganfiles Ep2.jpg
Air date June 2014
Written by James Hurst
Directed by James Hurst
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The second episode of the webseries The Toby Logan Files.


Becker reaches out to Ryder, Toby’s old boss at the EMS, in hopes he can shed some light on Toby’s shadowy past.


Becker meets with Ryder who is dealing with a lazy paramedic who forgot to clean the ambulance and was late twice during the week. Becker asks Ryder about Toby and what it was like to work with him. Ryder points out that Toby and Oz were sometimes problems to him while on the job. Ryder also mentions that he misses them as well since Toby has moved onto the IIB and Oz with his own place.

Becker asks Ryder if he knew anything of Toby's past other than Toby being in and out of foster care.  Ryder says he doesn't know much about Toby other than Victor Cloonie showing up asking for Toby. Ryder later points out that Cloonie later on shows up dead in Toby's apartment. Becker asks if Toby has ever acted strange and Ryder says no, but Toby has helped people before in the hospital. Like someone finding their long lost sister. Becker leaves and continues with his investigation.