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The Listener
Season The Toby Logan Files, Episode 3
Loganfiles Ep3.jpg
Air date June 2014
Written by James Hurst
Directed by James Hurst
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The third episode of the webseries The Toby Logan Files.


During a prison interrogation of Toby’s old friend Lenny Gazicki, Becker learns crucial details about Toby.


Becker visits Lenny, Toby's childhood friend in prison, claiming its a random case questioning. Becker begins to ask Lenny about his past with Toby when they lived together as teens. He proceeds to give Lenny a photo of Lenny and Toby together. Lenny tells Becker how growing up, he used to cause trouble and Toby was like a troubleshooter for him, causing Lenny to occasionally bring Toby in on his business. Lenny tells Becker that Toby had this way of seeing into people and telling them what they needed to hear. Toby occasionally did this to stop Lenny from doing stupid things.

Becker asks if this was the same case when Toby met up with Lenny 10 years later. Lenny tells Becker that Toby knew how to convince Burke he was on the same team. When Becker tries to dig deeper, Lenny says that he does hate Toby, so he won't answer any more questions.