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Season The Toby Logan Files, Episode 4
Loganfiles Ep4.jpg
Air date June 2014
Written by James Hurst
Directed by James Hurst
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The fourth episode of the webseries The Toby Logan Files.


Becker’s startling interview with ex-faith healer Iris Frost throws him for a loop.


Becker visits Iris Frost in a hospital to ask her about her encounter with Toby Logan. There he begins recounting her history and asks her about her faith healer past. Iris merely states that she is an ex-faith healer. She tells Becker how she wanted to help people and how one day she couldn't. It wasn't until she met Toby that she realized her abilities. She calls Toby her guardian angel and how he told her she was pyshic. In addition to how it was a gift and a curse.

Becker is hesitant to believe this and Iris points out that Toby is also pyshic as well. Becker doesn't believe her, and Iris says she is glad that Toby is fitting in well with the IIB. Becker says he never told her that. A nurse comes for her, and Iris gives Becker a drawing of Charlie Marks and tells him she drew it from his memory.



  • Flashbacks consist of Iris.