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Season The Toby Logan Files, Episode 5
Loganfiles Ep5.jpg
Air date June 2014
Written by James Hurst
Directed by James Hurst
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Report 4 - Iris
Closing File: Toby Logan

The Fifth episode of the webseries The Toby Logan Files.


Becker goes to Magnus Elphrenson looking for insights into Toby’s methods.


Becker visits criminal mastermind Magnus in prision for some insight on how Toby operates. Becker plans on outsmarting Magnus, while pretending its a routine IIB visit, but Magnus knows that Becker is here to talk about Toby. Before any information is given though, Magnus asks for what he agreed to met for, which is an apple.

Becker gives Magnus credit for using the IIB to get his dirty work done. Magnus also gives Michelle and Toby credit for catching him. He gives Becker a hint that there is something special about Toby. Becker asks what it is, and Magnus hints that Toby might have the ability to look into people's minds. Becker doesn't understand, but Magnus thinks he does.