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Sandy Wardwell
Sandy season 5.jpg
Season 2, 3, 4, 5
Occupation Nurse
First Appearance Lady in the Lake
Last Appearance Amuse Bouche
Affiliation Osman Bey
Appeared In Episodes
Status Alive
Actor Tara Spencer-Nairn

Sandy Wardwell is a divorced nurse working at St. Luke's hospital. Sandy is a former girlfriend of Oz.

Season 2[]

She began working as a triage nurse after her divorce from her husband.

Season 3[]

In Cold Case Blues, Oz attempts to ask Sandy out on a trip, but Sandy is soon called by a code blue and needs to go. She eventually reveals to Oz that she is planning to go to work with Doctors without borders for a couple of months.

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

In The Lockup, Sandy rarely see Oz anymore between the hospital and the new bar, Oz bought. In a dinner with Toby and Tia, Toby asks if it bothers Sandy if she doesn't see OZ much, and Sandy replies shes ok with it. Later on, Oz calls Sandy over to ask her to move in with him, and she is relived he didn't ask her to marry him. When Sandy returns to the bar, where Oz asks her why they were ok with not going forward with their relationship, and Sandy replies that shes ok with what they are now. Oz breaks up with her.

In Amuse Bouche, Sandy mentions to Tia she wants to speak with Oz and Tia passes along the message. Sandy runs into Oz on the street where she introduces him to her fiance, Hunter. Oz comments about the relationship and Sandy is hurt. She comes by later to Oz's place, where he apologizes.

Double Date With...Death[]

Sandy appears in the webseries Double Date…With Death along side Oz and Missy. A mystery comes to the ER when Toby brings in a gunshot victim. As Sandy tries to revive the patient, Jane Doe shouts "the key is everything". Sandy and the others find the key and begin their own investigation. This is when they start to be hunted by a mysterious man who wants the key. Oz and Missy get grabbed so Sandy goes undercover to get them and the key back.

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