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Season 1 aired the first week of March 2009 on NBC. The season consisted of 13 episodes.


Toby is a 28-year-old first year paramedic who's never known his father and grew up in foster homes.Until now, Toby has kept his ability to listen to people's mind a secret and the only one he has shared it with is his old counselor and confidant, Dr. Ray Mercer, prior to the series' first episode. While he crosses the city of Toronto in his ambulance with his partner Osman "Oz" Bey , Toby helps people in crisis and on the way come to terms with his own past. With the help of Detective Charlie Marks and his on-and-off girlfriend Olivia Fawcett, an E.R doctor, Toby realizes that his gift can serve to help other people.


Main Cast[]


Episodes (2009)[]

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Listener 101.jpg I'm an Adult Now Michael Amo Clément Virgo 3/3/09 1.01
After rescuing a young woman in a car accident, Toby uses his telepathic ability to solve the kidnapping of a young boy.
Listener 102.jpg Emotional Rescue Russ Cochrane Ken Girotti 3/10/09 1.02
After saving a childhood friend from a burning building, Toby tracks town an arsonist that he believes might be responsible for a series of fires in the city.
Listener 103.jpg A Voice In The Dark Michael Amo Clément Virgo 3/17/09 1.03
Toby encounters a street person who may hold the key to locating a missing girl.
Listener 104.jpg Some Kinda Love Phil Bedard & Larry Lalonde Clément Virgo 3/24/09 1.04
After meeting a young woman at a nightclub who is later found dead, Toby is considered the prime suspect and must clear his name.
Listener 105.jpg Lisa Says Dennis Heaton Kari Skogland 3/31/09 1.05
When Toby saves a teenage boy from a gang beating, he learns that a series of drug store robberies may be linked to the runaway’s turbulent past.
Listener 106.jpg Foggy Notion Jeremy Boxen Clément Virgo 4/7/09 1.06
After a shooting in Chinatown, Toby helps a blind woman solve the murder of her brother, who may have been involved in illegal activity.
Listener 107.jpg Iris Michael Amo Stephen Surjik 4/14/09 1.07
Toby connects with a young faith healer whose miraculous gift has put her life in jeopardy.
Listener 108.jpg One Way or Another Dennis Heaton Stephen Surjik 4/21/09 1.08
Toby’s intuition that there may be something more to Detective Charlie Marks pursuit of a serial rapist brings them closer.
Listener 109.jpg Inside Man Michael Amo Clément Virgo 4/28/09 1.09
Toby is enlisted by Detective Charlie Marks to use his telepathic abilities on a traumatized teenager who witnessed the murder of his parents.
Listener 110.jpg Missing Avrum Jacobson T.J. Scott 5/5/09 1.10
Toby investigates a missing person case hoping the $100,000 reward will save Oz’s parents from losing their home and business.
Listener 111.jpg Beginning To See The Light Travis McDonald Clément Virgo 5/12/09 1.11
When Toby’s patient dies after a hit-and-run, he discovers the man was convicted of embezzling four million dollars and his death wasn’t an accident.
Listener 112.jpg My Sister's Keeper Russ Cochrane Kari Skogland 5/19/09 1.12
Toby is called as a witness in the murder trial of a young singer allegedly shot by her overbearing producer. Having broken EMS protocol by bashing down the door before the police have arrived, the defense is trying to destroy Toby's credibility.
Listener 113.jpg The Journey Michael Amo Clément Virgo 5/26/09 1.13
Toby learns that “John Doe”, an unidentified patient suffering from Alzheimer’s, could be linked to his past and that his dead mother may be alive.

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