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CTV renewed The Listener for a fourth season on July 25, 2012. Season 4 premiered on May 22, 2013 at 10pm on CTV. The season will contain an 13 episode order.


Toby’s personal life also heats up as his relationship grows with crime reporter Tia Tremblay, who is inexplicably the one person he can’t read. Life will be no less dramatic for Toby’s colleagues as Sgt. Michelle McCluskey struggles through a complicated marriage with her husband, while IIB head Alvin Klein  attempts to protect himself and his team from the political manoeuvrings of the ambitious new police superintendent, Nichola Martell. Meanwhile, new director of emergency services Oz Bey realizes that being the boss is harder than he expected.




Episodes (2013)[]

Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Listener 401.jpg Blast from the Past
Peter Mohan
Robert Lieberman 05/29/13 4.01
Toby and Michelle  are sent to Vancouver to investigate after a string of high-tech thefts spreads west.
Listener 402.jpg The Blue Line Peter Mohan Robert Lieberman 06/05/13 4.02
Toby and Michelle track a gang of robbers armed with lethal, high-powered bullets under the additional pressure of a demanding new police superintendent.
Listener 403.jpg Early Checkout Cal Coons Peter Stebbings 06/12/13 4.03
Toby pushes for an investigation when his girlfriend Tia suspects her hospitalized colleague was targeted after writing a scathing expose of an influential hotel owner.
Listener 404.jpg Cold Storage Avrum Jacobson Farhad Mann 06/19/13 4.04
After a body is found in a storage locker filled with stolen goods, Toby and Michelle must find the killer who may have taken national defense secrets.
Listener 405.jpg Buckle Up Brendon Yorke Bradley Walsh 06/26/13 4.05
Toby puts his life at risk when he goes undercover in pursuit of violent thieves posing as police officers.
Listener 406.jpg Witness for the Prosecution James Hurst Farhad Mann 07/10/13 4.06
When the key witness in a mob murder trial is shot, Toby and Michelle must contend with a suspicious FBI agent as they unravel a potential conspiracy linked to the original killing and retaliation.
Listener 407.jpg Caged In Lara Azzopardi Clément Virgo 07/17/13 4.07
After Toby witnesses the suspicious death of a promising, young Mixed Martial Arts fighter, he probes the nefarious business dealings of two rival leagues.
Listener 408.jpg The Illustrated Woman Scott Oleszkowicz Paul Fox 07/24/13 4.08
While investigating the murder of a mysterious tattooed woman, Toby suspects corporate espionage and blackmail are behind the killing.
Listener 409.jpg Love's A Bitch Peter Mitchell Peter Stebbings 07/31/13 4.09
Toby and Michelle investigate the killing of a British spy whose dalliances on an adulterous dating site might have led to his murder.
Listener 410.jpg The Long Con James Hurst Keith Samples 08/07/13 4.10
In an effort to snag an elusive human trafficker, Toby and Michelle team with a career con artist.
Listener 411.jpg House of Horror Ken Cuperus Harvey Crossland 08/14/13 4.11
Toby and Michelle investigate the murder of an actor during the filming of an allegedly cursed horror movie.
Listener 412.jpg False ID Brendon Yorke Cal Coons 08/21/13 4.12
When Toby and Michelle go after a suspect in the murder of a Latin crime boss, their case is halted by interference from the police superintendent.
Listener 413.jpg Fatal Vision Peter Mohan Bradley Walsh 08/28/13 4.13
After shooting and killing a suspect, Toby struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder as the IIB tries to stop an assassination.


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