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The Listener
Season Switch, Episode 1
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Air date August 15, 2012
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The first episode of The Listener's web seriesSwitch.


The episode opens up talking about side kicks and Oz mentions how he has always helped Toby with cases. The scene takes us to Oz and Toby working together on a case for the IIB.


The scene opens up with Oz describing how it is difficult being a sidekick, but it's up to a sidekick to help the hero. The scene moves to Oz's ambulance parked in a boat yard to help Toby with an IIB investigation. Toby is on the radio listening to the team moving in and telling Oz to be quiet so he can concentrate. Oz jokes "so you can concentrate on operation Thunderplug?" Toby tells Oz that this criminal organization funds a lot of different criminal activities, and Oz relates it to like buying fake clothing to putting guns in criminals hands.

The team notifies Toby they are moving in, and Toby using his ability to see what is inside the warehouse. Toby informs them the criminal in question is still doing inventory and Oz points out that he is here because Toby "doesn't get enough Oz". Then an officer goes down and Toby and Oz head out to help the officer down. They check for pulse, but don't find any and they decide to use the defib. Still touching the man and Oz at the same time as the defib, Toby is shocked and sent flying. The officer is breathing again and on his feet and the boys seem alright. The officers come out with the criminal, and Toby tries to "read" him for his bigger plans, but nothing happens and gets an intense pain in his head. Then Oz feels something weird and people's thoughts begin coming into his head. Oz soon tells Toby that he has powers now and can read people's minds. Toby doesn't believe him, but Oz proves it by reading the criminal's mind. Oz sees an image of a very attractive blond woman with a dog, and informs Toby that he is in love. Toby looks confused at this.