The Listener
Season 1, Episode 13
Listener 113
Air date May 26, 2009
Written by Michael Amo
Directed by Clément Virgo
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My Sister's Keeper
Lady in the Lake
The Journey is the thirteenth episode and finale of Season 1 of The Listener.


Toby learns that “John Doe”, an unidentified patient suffering from Alzheimer’s, could be linked to his past and that his dead mother may be alive.


Victor Cloonie does everything to find more about Toby, he speaks to Frank, Ryder and Olivia. When he breaks into his house he tells Frank to back off and Toby that he's taking him where he belongs. Frank shoots him and he later dies leaving Toby clueless about his past and his mother Maya. Detective Marks gets shot while trying to protect Toby from Victor Cloonie. It is clear that the man doesn't want to hurt Toby and that he needs him alive.





  • Toby: How's it going with Ryder?
    Oz: Oh yeah, we're totally BFFs. I gotta text him, we're braiding each other's hair later. Please come back; my life is hell.
  • Ryder: You want the bad news or the bad news?
    Oz: Do I have a choice?
    Ryder: Oh, your words are so prophetic.


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