The Listener
Season 3, Episode 13
Listener 313
Air date September 12, 2012
Written by James Hurst & Karen Walton
Directed by Stefan Pleszczynski
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Blast from the Past
The Shooting is the season finale and thirteenth episode of season 3 of The Listener.


With Michelle's career on the line, Toby and the IIB must prove she was set up after a bad tip led to the shooting of a suspect.


After Michelle gets an anonymous tip about Matt Morganstern, a ruthless counterfeiter who's long evaded the IIB, she and Toby go on a wild pursuit. Assuming he's armed when she finally corners him on a fire escape, it's shoot or be shot as he reaches into his jacket. She fires first, killing him and setting in motion an investigation that uncovers some uncomfortable truths. Meanwhile, Sandy convinces Oz to apply for the hospital emergency coordinator vacancy. Initially uncertain and afraid of change, he realizes the promotion would be a great boost to his career and love life. Back at the IIB, even Klein is surprised by some of the evidence put forward by Special Investigations Staff Sergeants Slater (Matthew Bennett) and McCoy (Zoie Palmer). Michelle is resigned to facing her accusers.

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Featured Music Edit

"Brand New Life" by 16 Frames



Both Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Reid star together on fellow Canadian show Lost Girl.