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The Toby Logan Files is an exclusive CTV webseries based on the series The Listener. It ties in with Season 5 andBrian Becker's investigation into Toby Logan. The webseries will have 6 episodes in total.

Appearing Characters[]


Image Title Writer Director Airdate Episode
Loganfiles Ep1.jpg Report 1 - Klein James Hurst James Hurst June, 2014 1
Becker’s suspicion of Toby reaches a tipping point and he launches a covert investigation, starting with former IIB boss Alvin Klein
Loganfiles Ep2.jpg Report 2 - Ryder James Hurst James Hurst June, 2014 2
Becker reaches out to Ryder, Toby’s old boss at the EMS, in hopes he can shed some light on Toby’s shadowy past.
Loganfiles Ep3.jpg Report 3 - Lenny James Hurst James Hurst June, 2014 3
During a prison interrogation of Toby’s old friend Lenny Gazicki, Becker learns crucial details about Toby
Loganfiles Ep4.jpg Report 4 - Iris James Hurst James Hurst June, 2014 4
Becker’s startling interview with ex-faith healer Iris Frost throws him for a loop.
Loganfiles Ep5.jpg Report 5 - Magnus James Hurst James Hurst June, 2014 5
Becker goes to Magnus Elphrenson looking for insights into Toby’s methods.
Loganfiles Ep6.jpg Closing File: Toby Logan James Hurst James Hurst June, 2014 6
Becker pursues his remaining option..... and lays his cards on the table.


  • Webseries was a response to the fan out cry for more information on Toby's past.
  • The webseries will feature flashbacks to previous seasons.
  • The series tone will be a much more serious than to previous seasons.
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