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The Listener
Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date April 08, 2011
Written by Shernold Edwards
Directed by Clément Virgo
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Vanished is the eighth episode of season 2 of The Listener.


A mysterious woman with an unexplained psychic gift may hold the key to helping Toby uncover the whereabouts of a wealthy businessman's kidnapped baby.


A routine trip to the hospital leads a wealthy businessman, Keith Shelton (Yannick Bisson), to lose his baby daughter, Marly, after his SUV is hijacked. Keith's personal connection to Klein brings Michelle and Dev in to help crack the case. Meanwhile, Toby approaches a mysterious woman he finds sketching in the hospital's waiting area, Rose (Phyllis Ellis), and discovers her drawings appear to be direct images of the kidnapping. Rose puzzles the team because, while her drawings are identical to the hospital's surveillance camera, she was not at the scene of the crime. When Toby shows Michelle a sketch of a woman getting into the 19 passenger side of the SUV, Michelle suspects an accomplice may be involved. Once Rose sees a painting of Keith's deceased wife, Toby realizes Rose has the ability to communicate with "the other side." By communicating with Keith's deceased wife...

To be continued...





  • Sandy: You're cute, Oz.
    Oz: I prefer suave and debonair, but cute works too.

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